Massage for World Peace, LLC

East Renton Highlands
Renton, Washington

Phone: 425 793-7505 425 793-7505


First time clients may call, text or email for an appointment. Existing clients can book online here

Massage for World Peace, LLC
Massage for World Peace, LLC 

Are you in pain? Stressed? Maybe we can help.


Welcome to Massage for World Peace, LLC

People need touch. It is essential to life and well-being. Massage is a safe and structured form of touch that can open the door to many opportunities of self-discovery and healing. Massage has many modalities and approaches for a vast array of needs and circumstances. Each person has their own personal needs. In a world of road rage, deadlines, and anxiety attacks, it is important to make the time for yourself to recharge and rejuvenate. Remind yourself the benefits of nurturing yourself through self-care practices including massage. The following pages outline the therapies offered though Massage for World Peace. Make your appointment today and enjoy.


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