Massage for World Peace, LLC

East Renton Highlands
Renton, Washington

Phone: 425 793-7505 425 793-7505


First time clients may call, text or email for an appointment. Existing clients can book online here

Massage for World Peace, LLC
Massage for World Peace, LLC 

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WATSU is short for, Water Zen Shiatsu. It definitely takes massage to a new level. The practitioner acts like the massage table in a pool heated to 98 degrees. The practitioner applies gentle stretches and compressions while working the meridians. Shiatsu and Craniosacral are also applied to the routine. Each session is customized to the client's needs.


The pool is open April - September in our East Renton Highlands office.


Reservations have to be made by phone. Call or Text:  (425) 793-7505




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